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Joy managed to take my amorphous and not entirely articulate ideas for what I wanted in a website and translate them into a site that is like a beautiful frame for my content. I feel like having such a unique site design has contributed to the success of my site and the development of my brand. I could not have been more pleased with the web design experience!
Willi Evans Galloway
creator of digginfood.com


Joy offers a beautiful combination of aesthetic and technical know-how. My website is warm, inviting and accessible and a true reflection of my work.
Kelly L. Ross
M.A., L.M.H.C


Joy was an integral part of our development team. She is skilled at being able to bridge the typical communication gap between art direction and application development. Joy possesses an uncommonly broad skill set which helped us immeasurably in the decision making processes throughout our development window. We would work with Joy again and highly recommend her without hesitation.
Jon and Lisa Stone
founders of Littlestar Prints LLC

X Joy Worthen, Worthen Creative
At work designer Joy Worthen strives to create lovely graphics, effective marketing tools and happy clients. At play she is usually found the garden. Her studio is located in a house, on a hill, in Seattle.