53 yo single female gardener/web designer with 2 indoor/outdoor cats. Great rental history. Looking to secure a new rental home by 9/01/20.


I have lived in a large ADU/MIL in an owner-occupied home for 15 years. I am moving out so that an actual In-law can move into the apartment.


An owner-managed rental — small house, MIL, or cottage with generous available outdoor living space & available landscape/garden space + outbuilding storage (garage/shed). Ideally a place that in need of landscape improvements and care so that my green thumbs and plant material are a welcome asset.  If you are interested in a responsible, hardworking, (potential long term) renter with excellent renter history – please keep reading.

(If not – thanks for your time)


  1. Solid internet service available at the location – I work remotely
  2. 750 sq ft. of living space (maybe a little less if adequate storage is adjacent)
  3. Available outdoor living/garden space
  4. A secure outbuilding (garage/shed) for garden/personal storage
  5. In unit w/d or hook-ups


  1. Respectful care and maintenance of your house, and property/landscape.
  2. Tools + skills for minor repairs if needed – capable of addressing most reasonable maintenance issues
  3. Landscape/ornamental garden improvements/development if needed and/or you are interested. In addition to garden design, I also propagate various landscaping plants – large shrubs, ornamental vines, etc.
  4. Again, if desired, I can offer hardscape design/build services – I have experience in hardscape design/project management


I work as a contract/freelance marketing consultant and designer + and I also do horticulture related work as a side business: garden/landscape design and plant sales.


Adequate & available space garden

I am looking for the most outdoor garden space my dollar can rent. My garden style is foliage over bloom, and subtle in color when there are blooms - only orange, white or purple tones. Container styles are all is natural weathered wood or metal.
What I have to bring/offer for shared landscape:
+ large (tall) wood-built and metal containers that hold shrubs (arctic willows), and bamboo used for privacy screening. Plus one wood box (painted black) with a 18 ft rebar trellis with a native orange honeysuckle climber, a large cow parsnip and ferns + approximately 200 sq. ft of nnuals/veg + permaculture raised beds (ideally these will be deconstructed here and rebuilt in the new place) - plants include 80 sq feet of raspberries and rhubarb, and perennial herbs
+ in-ground bedding perennials and ground covers - a mix of natives (thimble berry, oxalis, native heuchera, ferns), various succulents/ground covers (sempervivum, sedums, echiveria), large amount of black mondo grass, geum ('marmalade'), large amount of Gladiola 'papilo' (subtle smaller purple and yellow blooms with tall silver blades - nothing like standard glads - very beautiful), and more standard perennials materials (mature lavender (3.5 ft mount), mature arctic willows (x3), mature (4 ft) ninebark 'coppertina' (p), mock orange (p), daylilys) and 4 varieties of euphorbia in the 4-18im mounding style for sun and shade, ornamental grasses (x4 varieties)
If I can find the right spot, I literally have an instant garden landscape. Because of my move out date is during active growing season I have arranged with my current landlords to have a phased garden excavation, the final clean out will happen in November when things are dormant.


I am seeking a long term home. Ideally a minimum of 3 years.

**In regards to the plant material I am hoping to bring initially, and/or cuttings in progress, I am happy to discuss a game plan for what could become permanent landscape elements for your property.


This is a smattering of images that represent both my current food garden configuration, some of my patio plantings, and some shots from the larger lot landscape. I designed and planted 90% of the larger landscape with my own product (purchased or propagated). I am not digging up the entire landscape of course, but there are some specimens from the main landscape that I hope to bring if space allows in my new garden-home (ornamental grasses, mock orange (p), lavender, guara, some euphorbia ‘Blue Haze’, and a ‘Coppertina’ ninebark shrub(p) to name a few). There are some propagated shrubs and vines that are also in the mix. I also have a 2 rain barrel water collection system.


Odin Parcred

13yo M. 11 lbs grey medium haired. Soft like bunny. Kind of a punk. Mama’s boy. Not crazy about the canines but warms over time. 


Odin Parcred

Truss kitty

15yo F. 9 lbs. Very talkative, sweet, happy, medium longish hair, multicolored tabby. Dog curious 😉
Odin Parcred